For the past year, the seltzer craze has continued to grow. After White Claw’s success, it seems like every drink brand was making a seltzer. Some have been failures, but others were able to make it through. Now another contender has appeared on the scene. 

Travis Scott released his new line of seltzers called “Cacti.” I already wrote a story about his limited-edition McDonald’s meal, and I thought it would be appropriate to write about this drink.

“Cacti” comes with a nine pack of three flavors: pineapple, lime and strawberry. However, I was disappointed when the cashier told me that it was $19 for a nine pack.

The seltzer is spiked with blue agave, so it already has a greater alcohol volume than a White Claw. The design of the can and case were cool and stylish, but I never doubt Scott’s talent when it comes to visuals. 

It was a warm afternoon when I had my first “Cacti,” and it was pineapple. It’s not the greatest flavor, but it gets better after a few sips. Then I tried the strawberry, and I will rate this flavor as the worst one out of the pack. The saving grace was lime. I usually don’t like lime flavored things, but my mind was completely changed. 

The lime tastes like a margarita, and it’s easily the best flavor out of that pack. It’s crisp and delicious. My overall feeling for these seltzers is that they're surprisingly decent. They’re not amazing like a Truly Lemonade, but it was surprising in a way that Scott was able to create decent seltzers while others have failed. 

The only thing that is holding this drink back is the price. If it was a 12 pack, then I wouldn’t feel bad for spending $19. I wouldn’t spend $19 for only 9 drinks, but I think it’s worth it to just try it once. I wonder what Scott will come up with next.    

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