the proposal

If you’re searching for a funny movie to watch this Valentine’s Day, look no further. “The Proposal” is filled with heart, humor, and Betty White.

When faced with deportation to Canada, Margaret Tate (Sandra Bullock) claims to be engaged to her assistant, Andrew (Ryan Reynolds). After flying out to Alaska to meet Andrew’s family, chaos ensues for the new couple. With immigration officials always around the corner, the unlikely pair fall in love.

The movie, made in 2009, follows a classic rom com, making more room for the comedy rather than the romance. With Margaret being a tyrannical boss, it seems strange that Andrew could ever fall in love with her. After getting engaged, once Margaret blackmailed Andrew into saying yes, the pair fly off to Sitka, Alaska and the movie is opened to a world of comedic situations.

Being forced to now spend the weekend together, they attend his grandmother’s 90th birthday. It’s there that Andrew’s father makes the announcement of the engagement. The two then must spontaneously create an engagement story and kiss. That night, Gammy (Betty White) gives Margaret and Andrew a special blanket nicknamed the baby-maker.

The following morning, while on a phone call outside, Margaret accidentally lets the family dog outside, who is swooped up by an eagle. She manages to get the pup back but loses her phone to the eagle in the process. The next day, more antics follow, leading into a scene where Reynold’s character watches as Margaret and Gammy end up singing “Get Low” by Lil Jon and The East Side Boyz.

After the rest of the day, Margaret hijacks a boat and decides she can’t marry Andrew. Once at the wedding, Margaret confesses the arrangement in front of everyone, including the immigration agent, who then informs her she has 24-hours to leave. Gammy then fakes a heart attack and Andrew returns to the office and confesses his love for Margaret. This time, however, it’s real.

The cast is filled with the comedic talent of Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds and Mary Steenburgen. Betty White, however, makes the movie utterly hilarious. Being the funny grandma comes easily for the talented actress and it shows. It was almost possible to forget that it was White not actually just Gammy.

"The Proposal" marries all the good elements of a rom com yet can seem a bit outdated at times. Overall, the movie is perfect for Valentine’s Day and gives a good laugh while showing that love really can be found in the strangest ways.

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