Cinema Paradiso

Stars: 5/5

Valentine's Day is not just about couples who are in love. It can also be about appreciating your friends and family. In "Cinema Paradiso," Salvatore (Jacques Perrin) recalls the love he's had for film since he was a child, and he also reminisces on his relationship with his old friend Alfredo (Philippe Noiret) who passed away at the beginning of the film.

We are placed in Italy where Salvatore grew up, and we see how going to movies is a big deal for the small town he grew up in. The movie theater brought the whole community together. 

The movie shows Salvatore's life as he goes through experiences like love, heartbreak and tragedy while still holding on to his passion for film. He also has Alfredo as a friend and father figure to help him go through the motions of growing up.

It's a great movie that is a testament to someone's love for film. It is inspiring and a reminder of why I am a big movie fan. Movies are for entertainment, but they are also a way of life. Salvatore grew up with movies, and it shaped him as a person. 

An expression of love comes in different forms, and "Cinema Paradiso" expresses that. We can show love for our friends and family who helped shape who we are as a person. They were with us through the hard times like Salvatore was there for Alfredo. 

Although, there is romance in the movie when Salvatore met his first love. It was romantic and heartwarming, and the score complemented that so well. Ennio Morricone is one of the best composers, and his works fits perfectly with the movie.

"For Elena" and "Love Theme" sound the same, but they are played at different parts of the movie. The first represents romantic love, but the latter represents Salvatore's love for film. Those two different kinds of loves do have an impact. 

The score also follows Salvatore through his life with titles like "Childhood And Manhood," "Maturity" and "First Youth." The score is so light and youthful. I must say it is one of the most beautiful movie scores that my ears have heard. It's filled with so much emotion that it bursts out of your chest. 

"Cinema Paradiso" won an Oscar for best international feature film, and it is still one of the best movies that I have ever seen. The ending is also one of the best endings to a movie I've seen yet. 

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