Tyheir Kindred, better known as Yellopain, is an up and coming rapper aiming to educate listeners on why their vote counts with his single “My Vote Will Count” featuring Sevyn Streeter.

The Ohio native’s song informs listeners of how the three branches of the government impact our lives and how voting can influence a change.

“But we gotta learn, we can complain enough,” Yellopain raps. “Let me change it up. Everything I just said, everybody, I know think the same way. See, they don’t wanna see us vote. And we never do so we see the same thing.”


Restoring hope for the unheard or confused is important to Yellopain because he too was once unsure of how to make his voice matter. Yellopain explains how this song was made to “give a wake-up call” for those who “might not necessarily care about voting.”

“My Vote Will Count” never intended to advocate a certain candidate but for Yellopain to say, “Yea I understand how you think and what’s going through your mind, but here is some more information you can use, and this is why voting is important.”

His dexterity with music enables him to explain the confusing world of the government in a much simpler way. Yellopain’s ability to use his platform to educate and entertain makes him unique to the music industry.

His music is not only intended to help others but a way for him to express his own emotions.

The young artist creates music as sincere and genuine as himself. “Music for so long has been an emotional outlet,” the 20-year-old rapper says. “What helps me make the type of music I make is just being true to who I am. I am a very emotional person, and I try to deny it…but it all comes back to who I authentically am.”

Using his music as a diary allows listeners to hear authentic lyrics, giving him the opportunity to relate to his audience. His words are inspired by the experiences in his and his loved one’s lives.

The candid work produced by Yellopain is some of the most honest music out there. Being true to himself allows him to be well respected and adored for his talent. “My Vote Will Count” truly captures all that Yellopain strives to accomplish with his music.

To further promote voting, Yellopain released Voter's Guide Cliff Notes for “My Vote Will Count.” The notes encompass the breakdown of the three branches. By quoting a song lyric, such as “Legislative branch; yeah they the ones that make the Laws,” he took that and explained what the Legislative branch does within the government.

Along with that, facts about term length for senators and representatives are provided. “So, if the country fail you can’t say it’s them; it’s your fault / Cause ya ain’t know to vote for Congress members that was for y’all / And they don’t gotta leave at the four year and we just let ‘em sit.”

The facts provided in these cliff notes can educate readers to support voting to make an impact in their world.

This feature is great for listeners who felt empowered to know more so they feel confident enough to vote. I feel this is exactly what Yellopain had in mind when creating this song, to influence a change for the better.

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