EnJanae' Taylor exec pic

What is your major and year?

Fashion Merchandising and Journalism Junior 

Where are you from?

New Orleans, LA

What positions have you held in the past at The Reveille?

Entertainment Reporter and Senior Entertainment Reporter

Why did you join The Reveille? Why entertainment?

I joined The Reveille to gain experience and write stories for college students at our college paper! I chose entertainment because I've always been obsessed with pop culture, music and movies and in the entertainment section I can write about everything I love! 

What does The Reveille mean to you?

The Reveille has given me a platform to craft my writing and share what I love. I've been on the team for a little over two years now and it's opened my eyes to all of the possibilities I can have in my current and future career. I've become a better writer and a better person from working at The Reveille and I can't wait to see how we can continue to grow and thrive as a paper! 

If you had one piece of advice for a new student, what would it be?

To get involved on campus and join student organizations! It's the best way to find your home on campus, meet new people and have great experiences. 

What's your favorite story that you've written so far?

What do you hope to do after graduation?

After graduation I hope to continue writing at a magazine and begin working in the fashion industry! 

Where can you be found on social media?

Facebook: enjanae.taylor.5

Twitter: _queenet_

Instagram: enjanae_t

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