Why did you join The Reveille?

I joined the Reveille because I don't have much to say, but when I do it is important and everyone would benefit from hearing it.

What positions have you held in the past at The Reveille?

I started as an entertainment reporter in 2019 and was promoted to senior entertainment reporter at the beginning of 2020.

What’s your favorite thing about working at The Reveille?

The ability to act on my visions, like getting a column in my name. "Fortune's Food Finds" will live on forever in my mind and through the Reveille.  

What's your favorite story that you've written so far?

I got to interview Swae Lee and wrote a story about his Homecoming concert performance. We talked about his pet monkey as well. It‘s quite funny to talk to someone you and your friends listen to.

What do you hope to do after graduation?

I hope to find out soon.

Where can you be found on social media?

@asapfortunate on Twitter and Instagram, slightly explicit content included.

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