Luke Jeanfreau

I'm the Reveille's production editor, Luke Jeanfreau. My hometown is New Orleans, and I'm a political communications senior. I've been at the Reveille for 5 semesters, and this is my third as production editor. I was also a news reporter for one semester and deputy news editor for another. Having worked at my high school newspaper, I knew I wanted to work here since before I stepped foot on campus. My favorite part of the job is being able to both teach new things to my staff and also learn new things from them. The Reveille fosters an incredibly collaborative environment that is wonderful to be a part of. 

I wrote my favorite story here when I was a news reporter. The story is called "LSU students using GroupMe for class could be in violation of Code of Student Conduct." It took way more work to put together than any story I had written up to that point. I felt many of the students I interviewed faced an injustice, so I felt really good about making their voices heard. It was also my first story to go on the front page.

Fun Fact: I had both Chinese and French exchange students stay at my home during high school.

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