Free Samples 3/30/19

BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO DONATED TO OUR 11TH ANNUAL FUNDRAISER DURING THIS WEEK'S FREE SAMPLES! I LOVE YOU ALL! This week's Free Samples deconstructed the latter part of The Rap Year Book; I break down the "Most Important Song" from selected years between 1994 and 2007.

If you have any samples, covers or interpolations you want to hear featured on the show, please email me at :-)

Note: Format is 1. Original -> Sample


***= The Rap Year Book's Most Important Song for that particular year (year in parentheses) 

1. Juicy- The Notorious B.I.G.*** (1994)

A Dream- Jay-Z

2. In All My Wildest Dreams- Joe Sample

Dear Mama- Tupac*** (1995)

3. Ruff Ruders' Anthem- DMX*** (1998)

The End- Kid Cudi 

4. Khusara Khusara- Hossam Ramzy

Big Pimpin- Jay-Z ft UGK*** (2000)

Blow My High (Members Only)- Kendrick Lamar 

5. Five to One- The Doors 

Takeover (Live MTV Unplugged)- Jay-Z*** (2001)

Ether- Nas*** (2001)

6. Still Tippin'- Mike Jones ft Slim Thug and Paul Wall*** (2004)

Purple Swag- A$AP Rocky

7. I Choose You- Willie Hutch

International Players Anthem- UGK ft Outkast*** (2007)

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