Free Samples 10/27/18

Note: Format is 1. Original -> Sample 

1. I Just Wanna Stop- The Jimmy Castor Bunch

Don't Wanna Dance- Elle Varner 

We Don't Care- Kanye West 

2. Silver Soul- Beach House 

Money Trees- Kendrick Lamar 

3. Bumpy's Lament- Leonard King and the Soul Messengers 

Xxplosive- Dr Dre 

Bag Lady- Erykah Badu 

Drugs- Lil Kim 

Dope N*****- Lil Wayne 

4. On to the Next One- JAY-Z

D.A.N.C.E. (Live/ AAA)- Justice 

5. Once in a Lifetime- Talking Heads 

Once in a Lifetime- Angelique Kidjo 

6. Lay Lady Lay- Bob Dylan 

Lay Lady Lay- The Isley Brothers 

Highs N Lows- Kid Cudi 

7. It's My Party- Lesley Gore 

Take Care- Drake 

8. I've Got a Woman- Ray Charles 

Gold Digger- Kanye West 

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