KLSU Fundraiser Graphic by Amelie Smith

Fundraiser week at KLSU is essential for us to be able to continue doing what we do. Between March 15 and 21, we ask our listeners to contribute whatever they can to help us reach our $30,000 goal.

But, if we’ve done our job, it shouldn’t be news to you that this fundraiser is about a whole lot more than just a number. It’s a week-long, all-out sprint of social media and on-air promotion, phone bank operation and occasional gatherings of our weird, lovely staff dancing—sometimes hula-hooping— in various spots on campus while flaunting the latest KLSU merch and beckoning passers by to come check things out.

But beyond all the theatrics—on which we certainly don’t hold back—fundraiser week gives us at KLSU a chance to show our listeners not only how much they mean to us but how integral they are to our very existence.

Granted, KLSU’s main operations are funded mostly through tuition fees. But what you actually hear on the radio is a fairly small piece of the pie. Everything else, all the events, all the you-name-it that makes this radio station more than just a gaggle of college kids milling in and out of a basement office to broadcast music—that comes from the donations of our listeners, from you.

So that’s what you pay for when you buy that t-shirt you’ve had your eye on with tentacled baby head on it. That’s why we call our merch a gift in return for your donations instead of a mere purchase. Because you’re not just buying something; you’re investing in the organization that has made all our lives—and, we hope, many others—a good bit more interesting and a whole lot weirder.

So please, for the love of good music, call in at (225)578-5578 or make your way over to the website at klsuradio.fm and hit that big purple button. Whether you’re looking to wear your KLSU pride on your sleeve with our oh-so fresh merchandise or to just know that you’ve helped us do what we do, we’ll be waiting.

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