staff interview

During fundraiser week at KLSU, the students working at the radio will be running it and helping to take donations. One of the many is student Bailey Karr.

Any job will help you grow in some way, as for Bailey she has learned to be more authentically herself. “Which has helped me embrace more of who I am,” she said. Many people at KLSU have their own unique style and taste and being around that can help you grow into your own style.

“If radio is not local, what is it?” Bailey said when asked about the importance of college radio.  “College radio is super important because it is a branch of local radio that has not been consumed by a corporate giant that has taken over so many other radio stations,” she said. KLSU strives to keep students on campus involved, after all, it is “Radio powered by you.”

Listeners are everything to college radio. “Without the listeners, we would simply be shouting into the void,” Bailey said. “The listeners back us up and their continuous support means everything.” 

Bailey hopes to continue her work as a DJ, “As I find it is a fun mix of public speaking and music coordination.” She also said, “There’s a lot of creative real-estate with that mix and I. hope to continue exploring it.”

The support for KLSU does mean everything, and you can support even more right now by donating during fundraiser week. It started March 7 and will be going till March 13. You can donate to the station and get some limited edition KLSU merch. There are two t-shirts, a beanie, a tote bag, and some stickers and buttons. The fundraiser is only once a year, so please consider donating to keep the station going.

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