What is Made Groceries?

An underground hip-hop group coming fresh out of the 504, New Orleans, with new beats and lyrics that'll get you equally hyped and inspired. Not too often do you hear music like what they are coming out with, and this interview explains why.

Feel their humble vibes and check them out on SoundCloud, YouTube, whatever platform you wanna use because they are a must listen if you are a fan of underground hip-hop, it's inevitable.

 The interview is kinda lengthy, we get it, but it is super entertaining. Feel free to skip through some of the unclear parts of the conversations to the entertaining parts, it officially starts here. They talk about who they are as individuals, who they are as a group, and there is a freestyle towards the end that is hotter than your mom's kitchen.

Also, a story on almost getting busted by Beverly Hills 5-0 for rolling a blunt. So check it out, tell us what you think, and be sure to listen to The Green Room Sunday at 11pm for an edited version of the interview and exclusive tracks while you burn that paper'd kush.

-Masta Beats

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