Louisiana International Film Festival

The fourth annual Louisiana International Film Festival kicks off April 14th and lasts until the 17th at the Perkins Rowe Cinemark in Baton Rouge.

It was created to promote the Louisiana film industry's growth along with its international reputation as an artistic and cultural force in the global market. LIFF aims to provide an interactive forum for filmmakers and musicians from around the globe.

With a special focus on the indigenous filmmakers and musicians of Louisiana, the festival is open to and encourages submissions from around the World.

They have just about 50 feature length films and shorts playing across 4 screens at the Cinemark along with Q&A's with the directors, writers, and involved individuals related to the films being played. 

I would type out a whole ordeal about this great festival, but I think it might be better to hear it all in the words of the most knowledgeable people of these projects: the people who created them. 

Here is a great list of interviews that have been conducted in preparation for this fantastic festival. More information can be found on lifilmfest.org.

Ian Birnie (Program Director of LIFF)

Justin Roberts (No Greater Love)

Russel Brown (Search Engines)

Jason Ford (Community)

Matt Cooper (Is That a Gun in Your Pocket?)

Scott Rosenbaum (Sidemen)

More to come I'm sure.

Tickets and show times can be acquired at lifilmfest.org

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