This week's Magical Mystery Tour focused on Forced Exposure: the venerable fanzine, record label, and record distributor. Edited by Byron Coley and Jimmy Johnson, Forced Exposure was the model for rock criticism in the 1980s as they mapped out an entire musical landscape in the aftermath of hardcore. Tonight, I selected a handful of releases from their record label and presented them chronologically from their first 7" to their last CD. If you want to move forward from here then check out the Forced Exposure distribution website, Byron Coley's Feeding Tube Records, the Ecstatic Peace! / Father Yod labels, and my specialty show, Psychic and Powerless, from 9 to 11 every Wednesday night.

  1. Sonic Youth – “Making the Nature Scene”, (Over) Kill Yr Idols, Forced Exposure, 1985                                                                                
  2. Big Black – “Rema-Rema”, Rema-Rema, Forced Exposure, 1985           
  3. The Tesco Vee Experience – “The American in Me”, Twisted Road, Forced Exposure,1987                                                                                 
  4. Christmas – “Max Ernst”, Split, Forced Exposure, 1988                        
  5. Sonic Youth – “Non-Metal Dude Wearing Metal Tee”, Silver Rocket, Forced Exposure, 1988                                                                                
  6. Jim Sauter & Don Dietrich & Thurston Moore – “Ass Backwards”, Barefoot in the Head, Forced Exposure, 1990                                                  
  7. Spacemen 3 – “Transparent Radiation”, Transparent Radiation, Forced Exposure, 1989                                                                                
  8. Halo of Flies –“I’m A Bug”, Winged, Forced Exposure, 1990                  
  9. Lovechild – “Be a Hobo”, Plays Moondog, Forced Exposure, 1990          
  10. Barbara Manning – “Haze is Free (Mounting a Broken Ladder)”, Don’t Let It Bring You Down, Forced Exposure 1990                                              
  11. Skullflower – “Slaves”, Slaves, Forced Exposure, 1990                        
  12. KK Null – Excerpt from “Materia”, Saishiyu Bushitsu, Forced Exposure, 1990
  13. The Dead C – “Mighty”, Mighty/Power/Peace, Forced Exposure, 1991    
  14. Tall Dwarfs – “The Brain that Wouldn’t Die”, Forced Exposure, 1993      
  15. Keiji Haino – Excerpt from Execration That Accept To Acknowledge, Forced Exposure, 1993 3:30                                                                        
  16. Dredd Foole – “Behind You”, In Quest of Tense, Forced Exposure, 1994 
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