Louisiana’s Finest by DJ Magenta 
A collection of songs by current local Louisiana artists!
1. Baby in the 90s - Marriage 
2. Riarosa - Better Than Nothing 
3. Wonder Kid - Waves. 
4. The Nocturnal Broadcast- The Myth 
5. Shipwrecked- Cheap Sunglasses 
6. Baby in the 90s- Lazy Bones 
7. Hand Out- Care
8. Wumbo- Going Through the Motions 
9. Loudness War- I Am the Morning 
10. Wimpsville- Shut Up
11. Tidus - Carl, That Kills People 
12. Woorms- Stiff Upper Lisp 
13. Screaming Underwater- Denial 
14. Primpce- Filing for Divorce 
15. Thou- The Hammer
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