Samadhi Glasnost

Chicago noise rock duo Nimitta has been a mainstay on The Math Lab since its conception almost two years ago. Members Rob Poznanski and Collin Benson are masters of manipulating noise and chaos to create absolutely dominating tracks. Their debut album Melt Joy (check out DJ 5/4's review of this album here) was released in the summer of 2015, and several other releases have helped establish their sound and beef up their power. Check out the rest of their releases on their Bandcamp, including their newest album Samadhi Glasnost.

Samadhi Glasnost is a killer album, and I immediately jumped on it and loved every second of it. I also took its release as a chance to look into Nimitta some more, and lo and behold I decided to do an interview. Communication was swift, and I spoke to Rob over the phone and had a fantastic interview. Well, it ended up being more of a 40 minute conversation, but all the bases were covered and it was a great time. We talked about Nimitta's origin, other members, history of releases, the Chicago music scene, our generation's "Dark Side of the Moon", and prepared guitar. A lot of juicy stuff. It's a lot to type out so check out the full uncut interview, you don't want to miss it.

Other topics of interest: making an album with Richard James and Zach Hill

the cryptic Tuss album

Lurker Bias and Chicago bands

Future releases?


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