Swamp Radio 02/08/20

Loudness War-I Am the Morning 

Shipwrecked-Nine to Five

Magic Crawfish-Unbirthday

 Stevie Spring-I Can’t Not Think of You

 Primpce-Waxed in the Shade

Neutral Milk Hotel-The King of Carrot Flowers, Pt. 1

Baby in the 90s-Parasite 

The Nocturnal Broadcast-On Implosion 

 Hand Out-Gray 

 Loudness War-Pharaoh 

Stevie Spring-Special K 

Steele Tracks-IDC

The Nocturnal Broadcast-Silicon God 


Baby in the 90s-Insane 

Shadow People-Tabitha 

Hand Out- Close 

Alabaster Stag-Somebody Smile 

Steele Tracks-Back Ache 

Donovan Wolfington-American Spirits 

Donovan Wolfington-High Life 

 Neutral Milk Hotel-Holland, 1945 

 Pope-Weeks of Debate 

 Shadow People-The jokes on you/with a “V” 

 Royal Teeth-Wild 

 The Generationals-When They Fight, They Fight

 Olde Spanish-Barcelona 

Motel Radio-Gimme Your Love 

As  Cities Burn-Into the Sea 

Thou-The Unspeakable Oath


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