Raymond Scott- Bendix The Tomorrow People

Lonnie Liston Smith- Enchantress

A Hobson- Savanah Gold

Ronnie Laws- Life In Paradise

Marvin Gaye- After The Dance

Brian Bennett- Clearing Skies

Fire Water- Twilight

Lonnie Liston Smith- Egypt

Hiromasa Suzuki- High Flying

G. Ducros- Metropolis Notte

KTR- Who Have Nothing

Alan Hawkshaw- Sky (Take 2)

Sunrise Ltd.- Our Love Will Grow

Marcos Valle- Nao Tem Nado Nao

Electric Machine- Fancy Good

Ratgrave- Ein Kola Bitte

DJ Harrison- Final Level Of Stashboxxx

Al Johnson- Im Back For More

Ronnie Laws- Stay Still

Jeff Phelps- Wrong Space, Wrong Time

Bobby Hutcherson- Montara

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