1. Mort Garson- Swingin Spathiphyllums

2. Joe Meek- I Hear A New World

3. Bob Chance- Jungle Talk

4. United States Of America- American Metaphysical Circus

5. Francis Bebey- Nocturne

6. The Electric Prunes- Onie

7. Les Baxter- Sunken City

8. The Cleaners From Venus- The Artichoke That Loved Me

9. Purling Hiss- 1976

10. Sun Ra- Dreaming

11. The Blackbirds- Space

12. Jim Sullivan- UFO

13. Bruce Haack- When Mothers Of Salem

14. Lonnie Holley- Six Space Shuttles And 420,000 Elephants

15. Laraaji- Today Is The Magical Quality

16. Tom Dissevelt- Syncopation 

17. Silver Apples- Program

18. CAN- Don't Turn On The Light, Leave Me Alone

19. Laurie Anderson- Gravity's Angel

20. David Sylvian- Orpheus

21. Ryuichi Sakamoto- Bamboo Houses

22. Japan- Visions Of China

23. Sandy B- Amajovi Jovi

24. Ata Kak- Yemppa Aba

25. Yellow Magic Orchestra- Simoon

26. Raymond Scott- Sleepy Time

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