Wally Asp- Turbulence

Mikio Masuda- I Saw The Light

Robert Vanderbilt- A Message Especially From God

Manfredo Fest- Braziliana No. 1

Trevor Bastow- Videodisc

Roger Webb- Moonbird

Jack Dorsey- Golden Plains

Alessandro Alessandroni- Il Porto

James Moody- Dreams

Roy Ayers- Third Eye

Cortex- Chanson d'un jour d'hiver

Les Baxter- Sunken City

Raymond Scott- Portofino 1

John Klemmer- Blood Of The Sun

George Duke- Faces In Reflection No. 1

Rubba- Scapement

Glohaven- Over The Clouds

Stelvio Cipriani- Mary's Theme

Dominic Fronterie- Paint My Love Blue

Cloud One- Dust To Dust

Admas- Tez Alegn Yetinu

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