Green Day - Welcome to Paradise, Dookie (1994)

Joy of Cooking - Humpty Dumpty, Closer to the Ground (1971)

Country Joe & the Fish - Death Sound Blues, Electric Music for the mind &body (1967)

Green Day - When I come Around, Dookie (1994) 

Pavement - Harness your hopes (B-side), Brighten the Corners 

Joy of Cooking - Closer to the Ground, Closer to the ground (1971) 

The Doobie Brothers - Black Water, you just can't stop it

The Rubinoos - I think we're alone now, Rubinoos (1977) 

Pavement - Gold Soundz, Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain 

No Kill I - captain's log, ultra rare super secret NoKillI tape from a Sacramento storm drain probably (199?)

The Mr. T Experience - Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend, Our bodies our Selves (2001) 

Tiger Army - Outlaw Heart, Tiger Army 

The Uptones - Get Out Of My Way, Get Out Of My Way: The Early Recordings

No Kill I - No Kill I (Theme Song), Swimming in the Secret C 

Skankin' Pickle - Special Brew (Bad Manners), Green Album (1996) 

Smash Mouth - I'm A Believer, Shrek (2002) 

Mr. T Experience - Fill in the Blank, Big Black Bugs Bleed Blue Blood (1997) 

Samiam - Sunshine, Astray (2000) 

I am Empire - Sing, Anchors (2013) 

Count Five - Double Decker Bus, Psychotic Revelation (1966)

Operation Ivy - Bad Town, Energy (1991) 

The Faction - Let's Go Get Cokes (Live), Pegged for Live (2015) 

The Syndicate of Sound - Little Girl, Little Girl (1966) 

Count Five - Psychotic Reaction, Psychotic Reaction (1966) 

We Are Scientist - After Hours, Brain Thrust Mastery (2008) 

Rancid - 04-Time Bomb, ... And out come the wolves 

The Mr. T Experience - Kenny Smokes Cloves, Night Shift at the Thrill Factory (1987) 

Korea Girl - Under the Sun, Korea Girl (1999) 

The Deftones - Change (in the House of Flies), White Pony (2000) 

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