'Summer's Over' by TV Girl

Album Cover for 'Summer's Over'

If you’re on TikTok then you’ve most likely heard the popular song ‘Lovers Rock’ by TV Girl at some point while scrolling. If you haven’t, you definitely need to give this band a listen.

TV Girl has now made their newest release on Oct. 13. With its seven tracks, ‘Summer’s Over’ bids summer a sweet farewell. While seven songs may be a little short, the vibe of all seven songs makes up for the lack of content. The story in each song also makes up for it greatly.

The first song ‘Summer’s Over’ describes a summer fling coming to an end. The same story continues with ‘Lo on the Hi-Way’ giving the feeling of one-sided feelings and a fling ending too soon. These songs are perfectly obtaining the feeling that summer really is over. 

Each song seems to be telling a story and expressing a certain feeling. You feel a specific vibe being expressed when you hear each song. ‘Sweet to Dream’ is named perfectly, giving a dream-like feel to the melody and lyrics. All of the songs are straight to the point, not too repetitive, and sweetly short.

The albums end ‘The Party’s Not Over’ seems like the perfect completion to the album. The song does have a different story than the rest, with the beginning of the album starting with the end of a fling, and this song being a duet with the story of not leaving till the person you came with does. It has the feeling of I came here with you, I’m leaving with you, we are in this together. The song also has two different samples of someone speaking that have nothing to do with the song but somehow fit perfectly.

All in all, it's a great album and you should definitely check it out. The summer is over, and they have made the perfect, dreamy, sweet goodbye. 

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