Britney is Free

For a long time now the saying, “Free Britney till it's backward,” has been at the tip of everyone’s tongue, and now it finally is reversed. The conservatorship that had a hold on the life of Britney Spears was officially terminated on Nov. 12. 

Britney Spears had everything in her life controlled for her. Her social media, her music, even how or when she could spend her money. Obviously, her fans and people all around the world saw the huge problem with this, and thus the Free Britney movement was started. There were marches, petitions, hashtags, sign-making, and more. All those efforts from fans and even other celebrities have officially come to the happy ending of Britney getting her life back. 

It's amazing how fans reacted to the entire conservatorship itself. How a pop star’s struggle became a human rights issue, and everyone jumped to defend Britney and do everything they could to make sure people knew what was happening and that it was not okay. There were documentaries made, it was spread across social media, and several articles fighting for Britney and her right to freedom over her own life. 

Being from Louisiana herself, many locals were at the forefront of this movement. There were several marches and protest in places like New Orleans and in her hometown, Kentwood. Now that the conservatorship has come to an end, everyone wants to celebrate.  

Drag queens at a local club in Baton Rouge, Splash, paid tribute to her by doing almost all Britney songs the entire night during their performances. Everyone was ecstatic to celebrate Britney’s freedom and dance along to a couple of her hit songs. 

The celebration doesn’t have to stop! This movement was huge and the fact that it has come to an end is even bigger. So, keep blasting Britney Spears in your headphones because she's finally free.

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