Social media trends don’t last too long, but everyone is still paying attention and adding their own opinions. Here are some artists that are still being talked about across the boards.

First up is Doja Cat, who has been trending from Twitter to TikTok for a little bit now. Usually, she is all over TikTok because her songs are constantly attached to a trend. Right now, she is trending isn’t because of her talent, it is because she recently took to Twitter to announce she will be quitting music. She will be finishing her shows, but according to her after that, it’s done. Even red-carpet interviewers have asked if she’s joking, and she completely avoids the question. Fans are hoping she will take it back in the meantime.

Second on the trending list is Harry Styles. From his new single “As It Was” to his looks at Coachella, his fans and others are talking. At the same time that everyone is getting ready for the album, everyone is also freaking out about his performance at Coachella and his look. “As Is Was” is still very much trending on TikTok, and when the album drops Harry will be all over the app. The album will release on May 20.

Next is the queen herself, Rihanna. While Rihanna is always in the media, whether it’s people asking for new music or just sharing her iconic looks, people love her. Currently, it is all of that on top of her being pregnant. She is currently pregnant with her and A$AP Rocky’s baby, yet people still take to Twitter every day asking for an album drop. While she may not be putting music out anytime soon, everyone still wishes her the best. At the same time, they still wish for new music. 

Fourth on the list is Conan Gray, whose songs more often than not go trending on TikTok. Everyone remembers when “Heather” was all over the app. Now the young artist is trending because of his newest single, and music video, “Memories.” Fans took to TikTok to freak out about the new single, and it already has some trends about it. Not only that, but everyone also loves the music video and Conan Gray’s talent. He also has been trending on social media because of his pictures and videos with another artist Olivia Rodrigo. Both are known to be really good friends, and huge Taylor Swift fans.

Last, but definitely not least, is Kendrick Lamar. He has recently gone trending in music news and on Twitter after announcing his newest album will come out on May 13. The album title is “Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers” and is the first studio album he will have released in five years. Kendrick announced this over Twitter by replying to a tweet from a fan that said he is retired. This is another reason it went trending on Twitter since that is an unexpected way to announce new music. Fans all over are looking forward to the release.

May looks to be a big month for fans of Harry Style and Kendrick Lamar since fans are getting new music for both. It is a new day a new trend on social media, so who knows what else 2022 has to offer everyone.

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