Members of the Austin-based band TC Superstar made their way to Gasa Gasa in New Orleans on Sunday, Nov. 10 for their second performance in the Big Easy this year. Accompanying them for the show were New Orleans locals LeTrainiump and Berlin Taxi.

     Straight from San Marcos, Texas for the first show of a mini tour, TC Superstar had just performed at Levitation Festival with a great crowd turnout. Frontman Connor McCampbell explained that the band normally does a tour kickoff in its hometown, but he said having begun with the festival performance was “a very good change of pace.” The band typically contains eight members, but only five are currently touring due to stage space availability. Joining McCampbell, who specializes in vocals and guitar, were Aaron Chavez on synth and vocals and Julio Correa on guitar and vocals. Adequate space on stage is an important factor for the group’s performances due to a unique addition to the brand: dance performance art. On tour, the two dancers that accompanied the band were Emily DiFranco and Eileen Yuriko Roby.

     LeTrainiump opened the show with their funk-driven ‘80s pop energy, getting the crowd warmed up and ready to dance. Interaction with the audience was a major element the group utilized throughout their set by playing acoustic guitar amongst the crowd during the slower, more intimate songs, as well as dancing with fans throughout upbeat tunes. This synergy left a welcoming feeling of unity during the performance.

     Up next was TC Superstar, whose motto for audience attendees is “Don’t forget your dancing shoes,” which they proved to be good advice for those ready to groove. Having all met and graduated from the University of Texas in Austin, the band displayed great unity onstage. They opened with “Dana Be Mine” off their 2019 album R & D and immediately had the crowd moving. Their sound is best described as “80s synth-wave dance pop.” As mentioned, the addition of dancers onstage created an entirely different experience for those observing. DiFranco described themselves not as “back-up dancers” but more like “dancers in performance art.” This became evident as DiFranco and Yuriko made great use of what small space they had. Each movement was choreographed to fit with the energy of every song, with McCampbell joining in sync for some sections to make for a very captivating experience. The band ended the set with an older tune that had the crowd continuing to dance even after the show was over.

     Closing out the night was Berlin Taxi, whose style is defined as “Euro-based synth pop.” Each member was on the synth keeping the dance party alive. They concluded the set with their cover of “Goodbye Horses” by Q Lazzarus, a major throwback for many. Although synth seemed to be the theme of the evening, each band and performance had its own unique style.

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