Song Review: "At The Door" by The Strokes

     The Strokes release a new lead single and a video to accompany it.

     I am happy to say that The Strokes are back and this week gave us a glimpse into what their next album could possibly sound like with the release of their lead single ‘At the Door.’ I felt a lot of emotions from my first few listens of the song. Nostalgia, hope and optimism to name a few. Nostalgia because this song sounds like a healthy band and not a band trying to be what they once were. ‘At the Door’ is a whole lot of what I love about The Strokes but with a touch of all grown up energy. Secondly, I feel hope because this is the direction I am wanting to see from this band I care so much about. Of course I also want Albert Hammond Jr. to slay some killer guitar moments to the faster paced songs and Fab Moretti to conjure wicked background drumming patterns but this single carries cohesiveness that’s been missed on a few previous works. Lastly, I feel optimism because this is a band that has endured a lot through the last decade. We have seen in-fighting, albums lacking luster and solo projects that split them apart. However, here we are years later back at it. It has been a while, but it is good. It is finally good again.

     The song might be missing some of the things I love in a typical Stroke’s song. The obvious one being Moretti’s drums which are not there at all but it seems to work. ‘At the Door’ is rooted in emotion and an entrance into the next decade with promise. That promise being to deliver music but not at the cost of happiness. All it takes is one listen through to feel the power that The Strokes can deliver. The New York band is magic when they are at their best. At this point in their lives, they are more mature than they have ever been and their ability to channel that through music is what makes them The Strokes. There will of course be another review come the release of their sixth studio album ‘The New Abnormal’ scheduled to be released on April 10th. I hope everyone is as excited as I am for what is to come.

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