TikTok Micro-Celebrity

With the growth TikTok has had in the last three or so years it has given way to a new space for people to become micro-celebrities. This has resulted in these micro-celebrities wanting to break out in different industries, specifically the music industry. At the same time, it has given a platform for people wanting to break out into the music industry in the first place to then become micro-celebrities.

There are many people on TikTok who have gained some claim to fame, with millions of followers and fans, but then they want more. A lot of them show no interest in music, and then one day decide to release a song. It’s hard to tell if they have any real interest in the industry or if they just want five more minutes in the spotlight.

Take Addison Rae for example, if you have the app, you more than likely know her name and know she has quite the following. You also probably know she has released a song and a music video to go along with it. While her fans loved it, I’m sure, the rest of the people on the app had something to say about it. Would she ever have released music if she wasn’t “famous” on TikTok, or did she really have a passion for music?

A lot of people have various opinions about these micro-celebrities only wanting to get into other industries when they already have a huge following, giving them a leg up. Many that really are trying to make it in the industry and have their big break have strong opinions about these occurrences because they feel like they themselves have respect for music and the art, these micro-celebrities don’t.

It’s a completely different story for people who want to break out in the music industry and then use TikTok, or any other social media app, to gain traction and help further their career. These people are just using their resources and with the rise of TikTok it is actually pretty smart, and a lot of them have had some type of success. Some bands have been successful, getting a lot of their songs trending and keeping a steady following. While others simply become one-hit wonders and almost disappear.

Ricky Montgomery, who was known before TikTok of course, did gain a bigger following through TikTok after his song “Mr. Loverman” blew up on the app. Now more people listen to his music and know even more songs by him. Another example could be the band Bowling Shoes after their song “Portland” became a hit sound.

What does it say about these micro-celebrities that get a little bit of fame and then try out other industries? If they have a passion for music that’s one thing, they are just using their resources. However, if they just want to release a song for the extra bit of attention they may get, is that inherently bad? Many actual celebrities will start out in different careers, like acting, and then move on to music. At the same time, most of them have had an actual passion for what they are making and have put years of work in. No matter who it is, micro-celebrity or someone recording songs on their phone, maybe everyone should get the chance to make and enjoy the art of music.

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