The Flannel Channel

Catch all your '90s alternative and grunge favorites on The Flannel Channel, Wednesday nights from 9 to 11 p.m., only on 91.1 KLSU.

  1. Backwater- Meat Puppets
  2. Rudderless- The Lemonheads
  3. Breath Away- Gumball
  4. Can't Stop These Things- China Drum
  5. Feed the Tree- Belly
  6. Rosealia- Better Than Ezra
  7. Marigold and Patchwork- The Appleseed Cast
  8. Get Out of This- Dinosaur Jr
  9. Do You Love Me Now- The Breeders
  10. Convenient Parking- Modest Mouse
  11. End It on This- No Doubt
  12. Deeper Well- Nada Surf
  13. A Quarter to Three- Sleater-Kinney
  14. Band on the Run- Covered by Foo Fighters (Paul McCartney)
  15. Two-Headed Boy- Neutral Milk Hotel
  16. Empty- The Cranberries
  17. It Ain't Like That- Alice In Chains
  18. Medicine- Orbit
  19. I'd Like Your Hair Long- Hum
  20. How'd You Pin That One On Me- Dinosaur Jr
  21. Drugs- Ammonia
  22. Reclamation- Fugazi
  23. Open Book- Cake
  24. Pretend We're Dead- L7
  25. Junior Citizen- Poster Children
  26. Sparkle- No Doubt
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