the math lab

Well, at long last the dreaded time has come. The curtains have been drawn, the fire extinguished, and the horses are back in the barn. After four and a half years as a DJ at KLSU, I will ending my tenure as both a student and DJ with this final edition of The Math Lab. 165 shows flew by in the blink of an eye, and it was an honor and a pleasure to bring everyone this music. I learned so much, and hopefully taught a few other people some things as well. I have dedicated nearly every Sunday night from 7 - 9 PM the past 4.5 years to doing this show, and it feels like I'm leaving a piece of myself behind. I hope you all enjoyed this as much as I did. This is the last Math Lab ever, so take care and godspeed you beautiful, crazy people. 

1) Sectioned - Bête Noire

2) Frontierer - The Sound of the Dredge In Deathcount Woods

3) JARS - Killed

4) YOUFF - Quaaludes

5) LLEROY - Hallux Valgus

6) Autocatalytica - Balletic & Glacial

7) 88 Fingers Edward - P.O.O.P.

8) Lingua Nada - LVL100

9) Tired Flock - Dirt

10) Doktra - Lifedestroyer

11) ...And Upstairs, Nurses - Bear Street Bears (and the Revolving Cinema of Destruction)

12) Doom Shrugs - Everyone I Know Is Depressed, or, Schadenfreude and the Great Loosh Farmer in the Sky

13) PORCH - Tourette's Class


15) Extinción De Los Insectos - Track 7

16) Postmadonna - So Socio

17) Campamento Ñec Ñec & Ensaladilla Rusa - Achicharra Tus Sardinas

18) ZAT - Paisajes De Una Actriz

19) Quasiviri - Sound Is Now!

20) Jean Jean - Elli Lilly

21) Rens Argoa - Trepidation

22) The Purkinje Shift - One For the Ditch

23) The Conquering Light Of Flora And Fauna - Phantom Flesh

24) Fish Ludy - Stalemate

25) Crno Dete - Cuker Beg

26) Arrecifes - Meteora

27) Mahmed - São Migas

28) Noir Voir - 5/4

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