The Shed Show

Tonight's airing of The Shed Show featured contemporary Japanese Jazz.


  1. The Seatbelts, “Tank!” (not available on Spotify)
  2. TRI4TH, “Yellow Butterfly”
  3. Raujika, “Land of Grace”
  4. Circle Wise, “Outside Jam”
  5. JABBERLOOP, “Sore Sore”
  6. H ZETTRIO, “Next Step”
  7. H ZETTRIO, “Dancing In the Mood”
  8. Soil and “Pimp” Sessions, “Hollow”
  9. Soil and “Pimp” Sessions, “Sea of Tranquility”
  10. INO Hidefumi, “Spartacus”
  11. INO Hidefumi, “Midnight at the Oasis”
  12. Orange Pekoe, “Vera Cruz”
  13. Orange Pekoe, “Love Life”
  14. bohemianvoodoo, “El Ron Zacapa”
  15. Quasimode, “Down In the Village”
  16. INO hidefumi, “Blood is Thicker Than Water”
  17. fox capture plan, “Butterfly Effect”
  18. T-SQUARE, “Breeze & You” 
  19. T-SQUARE, “Unexpected Lover”
  20. CASIOPEA, “Third Possibility”
  21. CASIOPEA, “The Day of Selection”
  22. Teruo Nakamura, “Derrick’s Dance” (not available on Spotify)
  23. Yuji Ohno, “Angel Dance”
  24. The Seatbelts, “Sax Quartet” (not available on Spotify

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