Tiger Stadium Vaccination Site

People stand in line while filling out paperwork on Mar. 14, 2021 at the Tiger Stadium vaccination site.

The 78 students who didn't complete entry-level protocols are being unenrolled from the university, according to LSU spokesman Ernie Ballard.

Ballard said the students will be informed they're being unenrolled Thursday. They'll then have the opportunity to upload the information required by LSU COVID-19 protocols to get their schedule back.

"It's both an unenrollment and a final warning, but if they don't do it at that point, they remain unenrolled," Ballard said. "The goal from the start is to get students in compliance and not for us to unenroll students, but they have to be in compliance to stay in the LSU community."

Here's the message that was sent to those 78 students: 

This email is to notify you that you have been resigned from Louisiana State University and provided a 50% refund due to failure to comply with LSU’s Entry Test Verification procedures.

As a student, you were sent numerous notifications regarding the Entry Test Requirement and reminders to comply. Should you want to re-enroll at the university, you must complete the Entry Test Verification Survey.

You will then need to email the Office of Academic Affairs at academicaffairs@lsu.edu stating your desire to be reinstated and added back to your courses. The deadline to be re-added and to complete registration is THIS FRIDAY, September 17th at 4:00 pm, CST.

LSU's COVID-19 entry procedures required students to submit proof of vaccination, proof of a negative COVID test or proof that they had COVID within 90 days of arriving on campus. The university previously said students who did not submit documentation by Sept. 10 would be unenrolled from their courses.

Tate said in a press conference Wednesday that he believed 400 students had yet to submit one of the three forms of proof as part of entry protocols. The conference came after a meeting with President Joe Biden to discuss COVID-19 protocols on college campuses.

Ballard later updated that number to be 78 students, a significant improvement from when 1,000 students were at risk of being kicked out of the university for failing to complete entry protocols before the Sept. 10 deadline.

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