Ellie Rozas

Architecture junior Ellie Rozas stands by her final sophomore architecture project in April 2019.

The life of an architecture student can be hectic but rewarding, according to some students.

Architecture junior Ellie Rozas said the most taxing part of her course load is her architecture studio class on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 1:30-5:30 p.m.

“Our ‘homework’ is working on projects for studio, and, while the class is long, we all work just as long outside of the class,” Rozas said.

Architecture junior Holland Garner says the architecture studio class is a time for the students to work on hands-on projects and collaborate with their professor and classmates. While it takes a lot of effort, Garner said it is ultimately beneficial. 

According to Garner, a lot of the other required classes are also project-based and require a lot of work outside of class time. Architecture students are expected to work intensively, even during the summer. 

“Because it’s such a hands-on major, internships during the summer are common and suggested,” Garner said.

Garner said she also likes the field trips the architecture students get to take. Once a year, starting in the second year, the students take a field trip out of state. The professors select a site in the area for the students to visit and the students design a building for the area once they get back to Baton Rouge.

Last year Garner went to Dallas, Texas and a few weeks ago, she visited San Francisco, California. Garner said she enjoyed the variety of projects, since they keep the classes interesting, and that the projects are more engaging than studying the traditional way.

Rozas said the major is especially hard because of the designated time for each class, with students spending the majority of their day on campus. Most architecture students do their studio projects in their year’s designated studio classroom, which is open to architecture students 24/7.

“I’m a visual learner, so being able to present the project, get feedback and correct it for the final review is beneficial to me,” Rozas said. “Also, with so much time spent in studio or a classroom, architecture students are able to form relationships with each other that helps with teamwork skills.”

Rozas said these relationships can also be helpful when getting jobs because students may already know their future work partners. Overall, she enjoys her classes. 

“I think the course load is intense because I always try to do my best,” Rozas said. “The only thing I dislike is 5:30 on Fridays,” Rozas said. “Staying in studio for that period of time never bothers me - except for on Fridays!”

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