Many University students may be unaware there is another sit-down dining option on campus aside from restaurants in the Student Union and the dining halls. On the corner of Highland Road and Veterans Drive, there is a building labeled as The Faculty Club. What’s inside may be one of the University’s best-kept secrets.

The building houses an elegant restaurant known as The Club, which is open to not only faculty, but also for staff, students and community members to enjoy. The restaurant is open Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and offers an all-you-can-eat buffet. For $10.69, visitors can receive soup, salad, multiple entrees, sides, desserts, assorted cold beverages and coffee.

Marketing & Guest Experience Manager Cheramie Gosnell said that one of the best parts about The Club is the laid-back- yet-elegant atmosphere.

“It lends itself to be a very laid-back atmosphere at lunch,where students can feel very comfortable dining in between classes,” Gosnell said. “If looking for an elegant atmosphere, you will not find a better place on campus.”

The Commuter Meal Plan, Paw Points and TigerCASH are all accepted at The Club, which allows students to stop by and grab lunch at an affordable price. The easily accessible location on the east side of campus makes The Club an ideal spot to enjoy a nice meal.

The official LSU Faculty Club was originally founded in 1938 as an organization to foster social interaction among faculty, staff, administration and friends of LSU, according to the LSU Faculty Club website. In 1963, LSU Union took responsibility for managing the restaurant. The Faculty Club still operates as a social organization and regularly hosts events for its dues-paying members.

Over the years, the Faculty Club has provided amenities such as a television room, a billiards room and faculty dormitories. The historic venue is also available to rent for private parties and offers online ordering and catering services.

While the name of the building may fool some students, Gosnell wants students to know that The Club is open for everyone to enjoy. She said her team wants to get the word out and share the beautiful space with students and the LSU community.

“It is very common to have deans and professors meeting at one table and a group of students next to them grabbing a bite to eat between classes,” Gosnell said. “The mingling of students, faculty and staff is one of the best parts of The Club.”

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