08-17-2016 training day

Move In Day, incoming students, Kalee, John, Nathan, Eliana, unload their belongings to move into their campus housing, on Wednesdsay, Aug, 17, 2016, in front of Annie Boyd Hall.

Baby, it’s cold outside. And inside, if you are a student living in Annie Boyd Hall.

Within the last week, multiple rooms in Annie Boyd Hall lost heat. The majority of the building is not affected, but students without heat are forced to stay in rooms as low as 60 degrees with no details on when it will be fixed or what happened.

Residential Life Communications and Development Associate Director Catherine David said only two rooms were reported to have heating issues. One room reported thermostat and heat concerns last Thursday, and one reported issues last Friday, David said.

However, according to political communications freshman Taylor Landry, there are at least five rooms without heat.

Landry has been living in a 62-degree room for the past week. She texted her RA but has not heard anything back. Landry said the only way to get the heat in her room fixed is to put in a work order, but when one student tried, no one was at the desk to record it.

“We are all wearing tons of sweatshirts and socks, but overall it’s hard to study and concentrate when it’s freezing in the rooms,” Landry said.

Mass communication freshman Anna Thibodeaux also lost heat last week but had the heating fixed. After she realized there was an issue, she went to Evangeline Hall to submit a work order. The next day, a maintenance worker was sent to her room to fix the heating. While it broke again two hours after the maintenance worker left, he came back the following day to retry, and it has worked ever since, Thibodeaux said.

“It wasn’t the best feeling walking into a really cold room when it was 30 degrees outside,” Thibodeaux said.

Not all rooms in the hall were affected, and the common areas still have heat. Some students are unaware of the heating issues, like business freshman Calvin Gaiennie, who still has heat in his room and did not know that some students were experiencing problems.

History freshman Chloe Pelegrin has working heat in her room but heard about the heating failures. Pelegrin has not noticed a big difference throughout the residential hall but feels sympathetic for those without heat. She is not sure why her heater survived and others did not.

“Honestly, I don’t know. Two people on the same floor as me have broken heaters,” Pelegrin said.

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