Bowman-Milligan Photo

Criminology and political science junior Javin Bowman and political science, Spanish and international studies junior Abbie Grace Milligan are running for SG president and vice president under the Bowman-Milligan campaign.

The Bowman-Milligan campaign, headed by presidential candidate Javin Bowman and vice presidential candidate Abbie Grace Milligan, won LSU's 2021 Student Government election, according to Election Commissioner Rehm Maham.

Maham announced the unofficial results in a Zoom meeting with over 250 viewers on March 26. Maham will announce the official results on Monday, March 29 after the election board decides on pending litigation.

The election brought in 5,207 student voters, 17% of LSU's student body. 

The Bowman-Milligan ticket secured 2,551 votes, or 50%. The It's Time ticket, led by presidential candidate Mia LeJeune and vice presidential candidate Angelina Cantelli, secured 2,148 votes, or 42%. UNITY, led by presidential and vice presidential candidates Amina Meselhe and Preston White, earned 402 votes, nearly 8%. 

This brief will be updated as more information becomes available.

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