Updated: 2:55 p.m.

English senior Louise Cramp said she noticed the fallen ceiling tiles as soon as she stepped into her history class in Lockett B9 this morning.

According to Cramp, several ceiling tiles had already fallen by 9:25 a.m., the time she arrived to class. There was a "sizable pool of dusty water" collecting around the fallen tiles, but Cramp said she didn't notice any dust in the air.

Although the students were initially surprised to see the ceiling damage, Cramp said class continued as normal.

"Everyone was walking and looking around it, but no one tried to sit around it," Cramp said. "We just got on with class. Everyone was just, 'Lockett, I guess.'"

Updated: 1:56 p.m. 

LSU Director of Media Relations Ernie Ballard said the ceiling damage was due to a water leak originating in B9, which also caused several ceiling tiles in Lockett rooms B2 and B5 to fall.

According to Ballard, custodians have cleaned up the water and carpenters will replace the ceiling tiles.

"Facility Services staff are investigating the source of the leak and will continue to monitor the situation," Ballard said.   

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

Original: 1:39 p.m.

Basement room nine in Lockett Hall currently has a collapsed ceiling, with chunks of plaster and water all over the floor. Classes are still being held.

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