Stitched with tradition and worn with confidence, the LSU color guard is strutting the field with their new and improved uniforms.

Although color guard members get custom tailored outfits every year, this is the first time in nearly 20 years the outfit design has been updated.

Kelvin Jones, the director of Tiger Band, said designing new color guard outfits was a three-year process. The goal was to design a color guard uniform that was visually similar to the uniforms worn by the Golden Girls, the University’s dance team, to appear as symmetrical as possible.

“We wanted to update the uniform, so we took out the sequins from the older model and replaced them with stones throughout the uniform for some shine and dazzle when under the Tiger Stadium lights,” Jones said.

Color guard captain Alexandra Freeman expressed how highly anticipated the new uniforms were by the team.

“I personally am absolutely in love with our new uniforms,” Freeman said. “This is something that we have been working on for quite some time. Our directors and costume designers have done an amazing job of making sure that the uniforms are modern, that we are comfortable in them, and that they look absolutely amazing on all members of our team given our wide variety of body types.”

The uniforms are made of stretchy, breathable and sweat resistant material, which Freeman said was a crucial part of the uniforms’ design.

“With the amount of spinning and dancing we do, comfort was definitely a requirement in the process of finding a design and fabric for the uniform,” Freeman said. “I can say they definitely are comfortable and similar to athletic wear.”

Freeman said the new uniforms helped the team feel not only comfortable but also confident while performing.

“We are absolutely in love with the way the purple pops in the sunlight and the way the rhinestones dazzle in the stadium lights and truly represents that sparkle of pride we love to show with being part of Tiger Band,” Freeman said. “One of our favorite ‘hidden’ features is the gold underneath the skirt that when the wind hits, shows a little more sass and flare.”

One of the most unique aspects about the uniforms is the rich tradition behind them. The iconic Fleur de Lis from the previous uniforms was kept and improved.

New uniforms don’t come often for the color guard team, but when they do, they are definitely worth the wait, according to Freeman.

“I feel extremely honored and privileged to be able to

carry on such a huge tradition by doing something that I love and wearing something I feel confident in,” Freeman said.

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