Dave Aranda ad

Dave Aranda and his wife thank LSU in an Advocate newspaper ad.

Former LSU defensive coordinator Dave Aranda and his family sent the Tiger community one last message in an advertisement printed in The Advocate Sunday, Feb. 2. 

Aranda accepted a position as head coach at Baylor University three days after LSU won the 2020 National Championship. 

In the ad, Aranda thanks the LSU Family, the people of Baton Rouge and Louisiana on behalf of his wife and children.

“You opened your hearts and homes to us and truly made us feel a part of something,” Aranda wrote in the ad. “For that we will be forever grateful.”

He continued to thank the student-athletes, coaches, staff and fans. 

“The opportunity to coach at LSU was everything I dreamed it would be,” Aranda wrote. “I’ll never forget the pride I felt each time I put on the purple and gold; knowing I wasn't coaching for just a team, a school or a community-- I was coaching for an entire state.”

Many Tiger fans, including mass communication junior Lyllian Mirelez, thought the advertisement was a kind gesture by the Aranda Family. 

“It was really nice of him to take the time to do that,” Mirelez said. “I think it really meant a lot to dedicated LSU fans. I’ve seen a lot of people talking about it on Twitter”

Aranda received lots of praise on social media. 

In response to an image of the advertisement posted on Twitter, one user thanked Aranda for his hard work and wished him luck with his future endeavors. 

“Thank you to Coach Aranda for his tireless work ethic that obviously followed by the team,” @catfish426 said. “Best of luck in all you do... unless you face the LSU Tigers!!”

Marketing junior Fernanda Bonet says she is sad to see the former defensive coordinator go, but is excited to see what he will accomplish at Baylor University.

“It's sad to see so much of the coaching team leaving this year, including Dave,” Bonet said, “but I think he’ll do well at Baylor. He seems like would be a good head coach. I’m excited for him.”

Aranda spent four years as LSU’s defensive coordinator. 

Bo Pelini named LSU football's next defensive coordinator, signs three-year deal

His vacancy will be filled by former Nebraska coach Bo Pelini, according to an announcement made by LSU on Jan. 27.

“LSU has been an experience like none other in my life, and it will always be a part of us,” Aranda wrote. “Geaux Tigers!” 

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