Virus Outbreak Louisiana

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards speaks about the state's latest surge in coronavirus cases, on Friday, July 23, 2021, in Baton Rouge, La. Edwards recommends that his state's residents return to wearing masks indoors, whether they are vaccinated against COVID-19 or not, if they are unable to distance from people. (AP Photo/Melinda Deslatte)

Governor John Bel Edwards announced at a press conference on Tuesday that Louisiana’s indoor mask mandate will continue until at least Oct. 27, covering all K-12 schools and college campuses. The current mandate was set to expire on Wednesday.

"We are moving in the right direction but our baseline numbers are still too high," Edwards said at the press conference. 

The mandate was originally put in place to combat Louisiana's fourth surge in COVID-19 cases. Cases have been decreasing since the mandate was originally put into effect at the beginning of August although public health officials still say there's still significant levels of COVID-19 circulating across the state.

45% of Louisiana is fully vaccinated against COVID-19, up from 37% when the mandate was put into effect. Despite this, Louisiana still has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the country. 

LSU's mask mandate functions under the state's mandate, but is simultaneously independent of it. If the state's mandate expires on the 27th, LSU's mandate will continue on until President Tate announces otherwise. 

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