Middleton Library

Middleton Library sits in the Quad on Friday, November 15, 2019.

Gov. John Bel Edwards released a statement this afternoon expressing his support for the name change of LSU's Troy H. Middleton Library. 

The University announced Wednesday the library will be renamed, pending board approval. 

"We cannot change what happened in the past, and this does not erase a history of racial injustice," Edwards wrote. "But we can choose to no longer glorify a time of racial segregation or those who sought to discriminate against our African American brothers and sisters." 

Edwards commended the African American student leaders for their efforts to bring about this change. He also applauded University leaders for being open to their concerns. 

"I am confident that we can come together as the diverse people that we are to confront inequality and become a more inclusive and just community," Edwards wrote. "And I am heartened to see our tenacious young people leading the charge." 

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