3.14.2019 Groovin

The Groovin' annual concert was held in the PMAC on Thursday night.Mar.14.2019.

When civil engineering junior Amina Meselhe attended her first concert at LSU in 2018, she didn’t know what experience she was in for. Meselhe, in her freshman year at the University, heard that Waka Flocka Flame was scheduled to perform at the annual homecoming concert. She promptly got ready with her friends and dashed to the Parade Grounds. 

Then she was pulled on stage. 

"One of his hypemen literally lifted me up over the fence and pulled me on stage with Waka Flocka,” Meselhe said. “It was insane.”

Concerts at LSU have brought students together for years. LSU’s annual end-of-year concert, Groovin’, is free, making it accessible for all students. 

Student Government’s Director of Student Entertainment Dallin Broussard said the 2021 concert fell through due to lack of time to plan the event.

“We wanted a dynamic, live event,” Broussard said. “We contacted an artist, but they took a while to get back to us. By the time we got a soft commitment, we only had two weeks to plan Groovin’.”

Broussard said that LSU Baseball’s triple-header with South Carolina would have interfered with SG’s ability to reserve parking lots for Groovin’ attendees. 

Meselhe said that because Groovin’ is put on by students, for students, the artist fits the music taste of the time. Former Groovin’ talent includes pop music artists like Amine and Ke$ha. 

“Students know what students listen to,” Meselhe said. “Administration isn’t guessing what we’re into. But truly it doesn’t matter who performs. Students feel a sense of community regardless.”

Broussard said that his department worked diligently with the Homecoming Committee to put on the concert. In Aug. 2020, they assumed that an in-person Groovin’ was out of the question and hoped to do a drive-in style concert. But when COVID-19 restrictions loosened in Louisiana, the student leaders tried to plan an in-person event.

“There just wasn’t enough time,” Broussard said. “I’m bummed... we’re all bummed.”

Meselhe said she is disappointed in the cancelation.

“I already feel disconnected from campus,” Meselhe said. “Without it happening this year, I’m missing this thing that LSU does completely for its students. LSU doesn’t make any money off of Groovin’. It’s just for us, and we haven’t gotten much from the University this year.”

Meselhe said that she hopes SG pools the event’s funding from 2020 and 2021 to make the next Groovin’ the biggest it’s ever been.

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