Aniko Nowakowski

Biological sciences junior Aniko Nowakowski smiles next to her boyfriend, who she met after a hit-and-run incident on LSU's campus.

The LSU Crime Logs show the University has a large number of hit and runs reported to LSUPD every week. According to the October 2019 Crime Log, at least 23 hit-and-runs occurred in October alone.

Hit and runs happen every day, especially at highly populated universities such as LSU, according to Media Relations Director Ernie Ballard.

“It isn’t unique to LSU, but in any setting such as a large university that has a lot of vehicle traffic, there will unfortunately be vehicle accidents,” Ballard said.

Ballard said the University asks students, staff and visitors to stay alert for pedestrians and other vehicles and to follow the speed limits when traveling in both parking lots and on the road. He also mentioned that if someone is involved in an accident, it is required by law that they report it to the police.

While most hit and run stories usually result in unfortunate results and two unhappy parties, that’s not always the case.

Biological sciences junior Aniko Nowakowski was involved in a hit and run which led to her connecting with her current boyfriend, Matthew Miller, a student at Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University in Baton Rouge.

According to Nowakowski, she was on campus for a meeting during spring break. She was short on time and was hurrying to make it to work after the meeting.

“I was in a rush to get to work afterwards, and as I was leaving the parking lot, I accidentally hit a parked car. I didn’t realize it at the time, so I just drove off like normal,” Nowakowski said. “A couple days later, I get an email from LSUPD telling me I was a suspect in a hit and run accident. I was so shocked and scared that I’d get sued. I was thinking ‘This is the worst thing to happen. Why me?’”

However, Nowakowski was neither sued nor faced any consequences. She later found out she knew the owner of the car she accidentally hit.

“I later found out the driver of the car was a sweet girl who was involved with the same campus ministry group as me,” Nowakowski said. “Turns out, I had worked on a retreat and done some service projects around the community with her brother.”

Nowakowski said the unfortunate hit and run accident led to a wonderful relationship.

“Through this car mishap, I was able to reconnect with her brother and now we are happily dating. Thank God for my bad driving because it led to an awesome relationship,” Nowakowski said.

While Nowakowski’s story ended with a happy ending, students should always be vigilant while driving on campus.

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