President Tate's House

President Tate IV house sits Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2021, at 2959 E. Lakeshore Dr. in Baton Rouge, La.

Moving LSU President William Tate IV and his wife to Louisiana and into the University House cost LSU $315,000 in relocation payments and renovation costs, LSU Spokesman Ernie Ballard said.

Of that sum, $300,000 was spent on necessary repairs, maintenance, and other projects for the University House and $15,000 was given to Tate as a relocation payment.

The renovations made to the residence before Tate and his wife’s arrival were primarily maintenance-related issues that had been put off since the house was predominately used for smaller events and not as a home in the past few years.

The renovations to the University House included: updating the air conditioning system; performing preventative maintenance of the roof, gutters, doors and walls; and performing maintenance on the security lights, cameras and system. In addition to maintenance, the home security system and cameras were updated. Evaluations were also performed on electrical panels and outlets.

In addition to renovations, the floors, carpets and windows were cleaned, the exterior of the home was pressure washed and paint was patched up in needed areas along with other small repairs to return the building to a 24-hour residence.

Since Tate and his wife moved in, other projects included gutter work, better cleaning of the air conditioning system, and other minor repairs.

Tate and his wife moved into the University House during Fourth of July weekend in 2021, according to an article published by The Advocate in 2021.

The four bedroom and four and a half bath is located near the campus lakes at 2959 E. Lakeshore Dr. and has been housing LSU’s chancellors and presidents since 1999, according to an article published by the Reveille in 2008. It is owned by the university and previously hosted former LSU presidents, according to an article published by The Advocate in 2019.

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