Baton Rouge Protests the Death of George Floyd

Protesters hold up a "peace" sign on Sunday, May 31, 2020 during the protest over George Floyd's death in Galvez Plaza in Downtown Baton Rouge.

The Black Lives Matters Movement has come to the forefront of news and media, with millions all over the world coming together to demand rights for African Americans.

Protests and marches are happening worldwide, but some people may not be able to participate and do not know how else they can help fight for change.

There are numerous things you can do locally in Baton Rouge and from your home to help push the movement forward and fight for equality as an activist and ally. 


Several cities across Louisiana have held peaceful protests already. If and when more arise, please remember to stay safe and go with the sole intention of spreading awareness of the Black Lives Matter Movement and in memoriam of the Black lives we’ve lost. Upcoming protests include:

Surround Injustice: Black Lives Matter to Public Defenders on June 8 at 2 p.m.

March for Police Accountability and Black Lives on June 14 at 5 p.m.

Support Black Owned Businesses

Baton Rouge has many Black-owned businesses you can support. Boil & Roux, Chef Celeste Bistro, Cajun Cowboy Kitchen and Cupcake Junkie are some of the Black-owned businesses you can purchase from to help them stay afloat during this time.

The Louisiana Black Business Directory has a list of many Black-owned businesses, with everything from dentist offices to auto repair shops.

225 Magazine has also compiled a list of Black-owned restaurants in Baton Rouge for locals to support.

You can also support Black-owned businesses right from the comfort of your own home by watching a YouTube video filled with Black creators. The ads in the video generate revenue and all of the proceeds go towards various Black Lives Matter organizations. Click here for the video.  

Sign petitions, contact government officials and donate

Signing petitions is a fast and simple way to do your part and request action to be taken on many cases and issues in the Black Lives Matter Movement. It is also quick and easy to call and or email government officials and people in power who need to be held accountable. 

After doing so, if you have funds available, you can donate to causes you want to help, such as the George Floyd Memorial Fund, Bail Bonds for particular states and the Black Visions Collective. The following links show multiple ways you can help:

Register to vote

Primary elections are happening all over the country, and it’s important to continue to use the voices we have to make a change. Registering is quick and ensures your preparedness for elections. Click here to register to vote or to check your voter status. LSU Geaux Vote is a student organization on campus that helps students keep up with important deadlines and information when it comes to voting. 

Spread awareness and get educated

Speak up everywhere, at home and online, for what’s right. There are so many resources being shared on social media showing you how to help the movement. Share what you see, what you know and what needs to be heard. Follow Black activists and listen and learn how to aid the fight. Don’t stop sharing, retweeting, liking and posting — the more we all know the better. Take time to research and learn how to best be an ally and fight for equality around you and all over the world. 

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