Armed Intruder 8.20.2019

LSUPD responds to a report of an armed intruder in Coates Hall on Tuesday, Aug. 20, 2019.

LSUPD conducted an active shooter exercise at the UREC on Friday, Aug. 23, just three days after the armed intruder incident on campus. The training was a planned event prior to the incident. 

In the exercise, LSUPD trained alongside BRPD and UREC workers to be prepared in the event of an active shooter on campus. LSUPD conducts trainings such as active shooter training, defense tactics training and mental health training once a month to maximize safety measures on campus.

LSU Chief of Police Bart Thompson places high emphasis on the community being involved with safety as well. 

“[Safety] is a community effort, not just a police effort,” Thompson said.

While LSUPD is actively prepared in the event that a situation does arise, students can do their part to be prepared and informed as well. LSUPD has many resources available for students to be informed of safety procedures on campus before an incident occurs and to be prepared to remain safe.

“If you feel unsafe, then do something,” Chief Thompson said. “Use those instincts you have as a human. If you feel uncomfortable, there’s a reason for it.”

The LSU Shield app has been available for students for three years, and it is a vital source of safety for students on and off the University's campus. If a student hits the emergency button on the app, the local police department is notified no matter where that student may be. LSUPD chose the Shield app specifically for this reason, so that students can be safe anywhere they go.

The University also has an emergency text service that is vital to students’ safety and awareness of potential danger.

LSU Media Relations Director Ernie Ballard strongly suggests students sign up for the emergency alert system and follow the directions sent through the messages.

“People need to follow those directions because they’re being put out for safety reasons,” Ballard said. “Make sure whatever messages we’re putting out, to follow them and take them seriously.”

The policy “see something, say something” is one that the University upholds and is what helped identify the situation in Coates Hall on Aug. 20. The LSUPD website highlights this policy and also has a list of suspicious behaviors that should be reported, a link to submit anonymous tips and the LSUPD phone number. 

Ballard stressed the importance of the "see something, say something" policy.

“We’d rather LSU Police come check it out and make sure it’s nothing than never hear about it and it turns out to be something that could have been prevented,” Ballard said. “Everybody’s on this campus everyday and they see things. If something seems weird one day, call [LSUPD].”

LSUPD's website also features prevention resources, which highlight personal safety, alcohol and drug safety, property safety, bicycle safety and faculty resources.  

LSU Safety also has a safety checklist, evacuation map, hazing prevention and important campus numbers on its website. 

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