LSU protest against sexual assault mishandlings

LSU Students Elisabeth Andries and Samantha Brennan publicly speak at the protest following their appearance on USAToday on Friday, Nov. 20 at Pete Maravich Assembly Center on N Stadium Dr.

East Baton Rouge Judge Janice Clark ruled in favor of Samantha Brennan in her case against LSU Dec. 29. Clark ordered the University to release an unredacted copy of the police report to USA Today as well as making monetary reparations, according to a USA Today report

Former LSU student Samantha Brennan sued LSU in October for withholding Title IX documents from her regarding the investigation with former football player Derrius Guice, who allegedly photographed her without her consent in 2016.   

The University argued that names were redacted in the report to protect the privacy of all students who were involved and to preserve the integrity of the investigation, and that they were by law required to do so.

Brennan's council argued that since the names are now public and Brennan, on multiple occasions, verified her intent to not pursue charges, LSU was not required to redact the names or wait on releasing the reports.  

Clark heard the case on Nov. 23 and asked both councils to present a five-page brief detailing their positions, to be submitted on Nov. 30. On Dec. 29, Clark ruled in favor of Brennan and wrote that LSU was "unreasonable, arbitrary and capricious in its refusal and delay and the redacted manner in which the documents were produced."

LSU was ordered to pay $10,000 to cover USA Today's attorney fees as well as $6,200 in civil penalties, which represents $100 for the 62 business days between the request date and the trial date.

When speaking to USA Today about the ruling, Brennan said it is a "win for all of the victims out there that have not received the justice they deserve."

New Orleans attorney Scott Sternberg represented USA Today in the case and said he is "thrilled" with the outcome. The University has appealed Clark's ruling, according to USA Today.

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