Crime Tape

Police officials made a statement Wednesday saying that social media posts  detailing crimes should not be trusted by the public, and instead concerned individuals should look to official sources. 

This statement comes the day that officials identified the body found Tuesday in the Mississippi River as missing freshman Kori Gauthier. Gauthier’s disappearance, alongside the arrest of an Uber driver who allegedly kicked down the door of a University student, has caused many students to raise safety concerns on social media. 

Sheriff Sid Gautreax made a statement Wednesday regarding the influx of phone calls the Sheriff’s Office has been receiving concerning stories of crimes posted on social media.              

“The Sheriff’s Office is not working any other such cases at this time. I want to reassure the public that our agency would immediately share information were there any cause for concern,” Gautreax said. “I want to encourage the public to look to official sources of information to stay up-to-date concerning safety issues.”

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