8-28-16 New Buses

The new fleet of LSU Tiger Trails buses on Sunday Aug. 28, 2016, on LSU campus.

Between seven and 10 people will be allowed on LSU Tiger Trails buses in the fall to ensure social distancing as part of safety measures for buses, and no new buses are being added to the routes currently.

LSU Parking and Transportation Director Mike Harris said the number of students allowed on the buses could change depending on which Phase the state is in. The number is determined by the size of the bus.

All riders must wear a mask while on the bus, a requirement for riders on Tiger Trails buses since July. LSU Parking tweeted that customers without face coverings are subject to “denial of boarding, removal or exclusion from the transit system.”

Harris said the buses are completely wiped down at the end of each day and LSU Parking and Transportation has a cleaning company contracted to clean and disinfect all buses twice a week. Harris said plastic barriers are in place to keep the driver and passengers separated.

“Our efforts are all focused on preventing the spread and we are doing our part and following the recommendations provided to us and hoping that it will slow and eventually prevent the spread,” Harris said. 

Though no new buses have been added to aid in transportation next semester, Harris said it is a possibility. One bus might be added on the larger routes during peak times to help with capacity on buses.

Harris said there are challenges with adding buses to the routes. There are a certain amount of buses and drivers available, so adding any new ones will be based on availability. 

“We will make every effort possible to accommodate our riders given the resources available,” Harris said. “We ask that all riders leave early to allow for capacity limitations.”

The Tiger Trails bus system regulations were not mentioned in the LSU Roadmap to Fall 2020. Harris said the safety regulations will be on the Parking and Transportation website which is being updated currently. Information will be displayed through social media and the department is working with LSU Student Government to create videos about the information.

LSU releases updated Roadmap to Fall 2020 semester

Harris said Parking and Transportation is following state, CDC and the American Public Transportation Association guidelines for traveling on public transportation during COVID-19. 

According to the CDC’s website for protecting oneself while using public transportation, riders should consider traveling during non-peak hours when there are likely to be fewer people. The website said to practice social distancing and consider skipping a row between riders if possible. 

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