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LSU announced Thursday that all classes and activities scheduled for Friday, Oct. 9, will be cancelled due to Hurricane Delta, which is expected to reach Louisiana early Friday evening.

The University also said that all COVID-19 testing locations will be closed.

Residential halls, apartments and dining halls will remain open. Students who live on campus should shelter in place during the storm by remaining indoors and keeping in contact with Residential Life staff for any instructions.

Students are encouraged to take the following precautions today and early tomorrow:

- Stock up on several days' supply of batteries, first aid supplies, any needed medication, non-perishable food items and water

- Get a flashlight in case of power failure; do not use candles or other flammable-type lighting 

- Shelter in place as the weather approaches, meaning remain indoors and away from windows, and do not venture outside. The LSU community is asked to take this advisory seriously, as high winds can create dangerous flying debris, downed power lines and other hazardous conditions. 

- All windows must be closed tightly and locked.

- Consider filling your vehicle’s gas tank.

- Consistent rainfall has the potential to create standing water on the west side of campus. Residents with cars parked in low-lying areas of campus, particularly on the west side of campus, should consider moving their cars to higher parking areas in the main part of campus.

- Nicholson Gateway Apartments residents are encouraged to utilize the second floor and above in the Nicholson Gateway Parking Garage. The surface parking spaces along the back fence line are the most vulnerable to standing water.

- WCA, Cedar Hall, Cypress Hall, Spruce Hall, Ed Gay Apartments, Kirby Smith Hall, North Hall, Pentagon Halls and Broussard Hall residents are encouraged to move vehicles to higher areas towards the interior of campus and avoid areas near Alaska Street, State Street and Cypress Drive.

Students are encouraged to enroll in the University's emergency test messaging system for updates.

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