Troy H. Middleton Library

Troy H. Middleton Library  on June 17, 2020 on LSU's campus.

The University library formerly known as Middleton will be temporarily called LSU Library, the University announced Monday morning. 

"Although the public suggested many new names for the library via the LSU Library's social media pages, campus administration decided that the library formerly named after Middleton will be called 'LSU Library' for the interim," the LSU Libraries statement reads.

The Board of Supervisors approved the resolution to remove Troy H. Middleton's name from the University's library June 19. Middleton, a former LSU President and World War I veteran, was a known segregationist. Interim President Tom Galligan, Executive Vice President & Provost Stacia Haynie and Gov. John Bel Edwards encouraged the decision. 

A petition to rename the library, made by LSU students Exquisite Williams, Kendall Diiulio and Calvin Morris, expressed the students’ desire to see the library renamed after Pinkie Gordon Lane, the University's first Black female Ph.D. graduate. 

Hours after the original announcement received some social media backlash, LSU Libraries reemphasized LSU Library is only an interim name, and a committee is being formed to select a permanent name. 

"Once the naming committee selects the permanent name, it will go before the LSU Board of Supervisors for approval," the statement reads.  

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